【ABEMA】Stopuri “Are You Ready? Free Special Program!




areyoureadyFriday, August 19, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. “Stopuri”(strawberry prince) Strawberry Summer Fes. in Virtual 2022 “Are You Ready? Free special program!

As the group celebrates its 6th anniversary, the total number of views on YouTube and other media has reached over 6 billion, and the number of subscribers to their channel has surpassed the number of subscribers to individual members by more than 10 million. The Japanese entertainment unit, “Supuri,” which has been active for more than 6 billion views on YouTube, etc., and the number of registered members exceeds 10 million, has decided to hold a free special program on ABEMA’s Anime LIVE channel.

The special program will be aired in advance of the Sutopuri Strawberry Summer Fes. in Virtual 2022 “Are You Ready?

In the program, you can enjoy the music video of “Are You Ready?” and the “Sutopuri Virtual Live Strawberry Party! in Nippon Budokan.

In addition, they will also talk about the secret story behind the production of “Are You Ready?

In addition, the members of Sutopuri will talk about all of their activities in the special program.

Even if you are not familiar with Sutopuri’s activities, you should definitely watch this special program!

The broadcast date and time is Saturday, August 19, 2022 from 9:00pm to 9:30pm(GMT +9)

Click here for ABEMA’s official website
Broadcast channel: Anime LIVE Channel

Program URL:

Cast: Sutopuri

✳︎After the broadcast, the program can be viewed for free for one week.

Strawberry Summer Fes. in Virtual 2022 “Are You Ready?”

Strawberry Summer Fes. in Virtual 2022 “Are You Ready?” will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2022 at 7pm.(GMT +9)

General tickets are 3340 ABEMA coins (worth 4008 yen).


ABEMA Premium members will receive a 25% discount of 2500 ABEMA coins (equivalent to 3000 yen). (equivalent to 3,000 yen) for a 25% discount.

This is a good time to consider the ABEMA Premium (960 yen/month) plan.



On a personal note, my 7-year-old daughter found out about it, so I signed up for a 14-day free trial as well…
Mom says it will be deducted from her dad’s allowance.

【ABEMA】すとぷり「Are You Ready?前夜祭!」無料特番決定!

Sutopuri Jeru announces indefinite hiatus.

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