Shinsuke Shimada Legendary Lecture A famous Japanese comedian part3


Shinsuke Shimada
Legendary Lecture A famous Japanese comedian shares his secrets to success with students at a comedian training school before he retired.

This is an essential talk not only for comedians, but also for what it takes to be successful in life and in marketing.

Part 3

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Secrets of TV

There’s one thing I don’t want to say about this one. Okay, I’m quitting soon. I’m not going to be around much longer. I’m not going to be around much longer.
This is bad for the guys on TV right now to see. It’s bad if they think, “Oh, I see. I see. But, oh well.
It’s a top-secret trick that I didn’t really want to tell you.

You know, the smartest people in the world know a lot of things.
I do a morning news show, and I’m too dumb to understand a lot of things. But my staff are specialists. They’re all experts.
For example, if I say, “Tell me about the Big Bang,” there is an expert. Each one is a specialist.

But we have to do not only one job, but many jobs. We have to look like specialists. How do you do that? You don’t have time, and you don’t like to work hard. All you need to know is one area in one field.

For example, in a baseball show, there are two types of hosts for every VTR, one who watches the VTR before the show and one who doesn’t. I recently found out that most of them don’t watch the VTR.
I recently learned that most of them do. I almost never watch the VTR, and when I watch the VTR, I always say, “Who’s that? Who is that? I keep asking, “Who is that? And after the VTR is over, they talk like they know who it is.

Once, a big pitcher named Okabayashi and Furuta were guests on a Yakult baseball show.
And when the VTR came on in the second half of the show
Shinsuke-san, how many times a year do you go to the ballpark? Do you have time to watch baseball when you are so busy?” Fruitsa replied, “You idiot, Shinsuke-san hasn’t been to the ballpark for about 10 years now. Right, Mr. Shinsuke? And I said, “Oh, I don’t know! and then Mr. Okabayashi said, “What? But you’ve got your own TV show! I said, “Oh, I don’t know! Then Furuta said, “That’s why you’re a pro. And so he said, “That’s why you’re a professional. That’s how it is.

We don’t need to know. I’m not a baseball fanatic. I’m not even interested.
For example, I just appeared on a tiny TV show in Osaka. The topic of the talk is baseball. Who do you like? Let’s say I was asked, “Who do you like? You are not interested. Then you say, “Kiyohara! or “Kanemoto! (both famous professional baseball players), everyone would think that’s normal.
But if you said, “Fujimoto of Hanshin! (both famous professional baseball players), you would say, “Hanshin no Fujimoto! In Osaka, it’s too major, but in Tokyo, that’s about right. You say a subtle player that everyone may or may not be familiar with.
Then, why? You think, “Why? Why do you say “Kiyohara! Why? I wouldn’t think, “Why? But if it was Fujimoto, you would say, “Why Fujimoto? right? At this stage, it’s a good point to get people to listen to you more than they would otherwise.
Because it’s amazing. Fujimoto is amazing! I really wanted to become a pro in high school, but I couldn’t do it, so I went to a baseball school in Shiga, and even after graduating from the school, I still couldn’t turn pro, so I went to an amateur team and finally turned pro!

Suppose I told Fujimoto’s success story in a short time.
What would everyone think?
“He knows so much about baseball.
Even if he doesn’t know anything about baseball. Even if he doesn’t actually know anything about baseball, when he talks about Kiyohara, they all go, “Wow, he knows so much. Everyone knows your level.

So, if you were in Osaka right now, why don’t you talk about Akamatsu (a not-so-famous professional baseball player)?
They would say, “Wow, you’re a maniac! That means you know something, right?
That means you have knowledge.
You don’t have to actually know them, just talk about them in detail and passionately. And have one more thing to deny.
They say, “You talk so much about Akamatsu, why don’t you know anything about the team? We are told, “You talk so much about the redwoods, why don’t you know anything about the team? Then we can quibble.
I don’t know anything about the Yomiuri Giants. I don’t even know their number.
My father was a die-hard Hanshin Tigers fan since I was a kid, and I was brainwashed to believe that the Yomiuri Giants were bad guys, so I knew I shouldn’t remember them.”
For example, if you don’t know anything about the Hanshin Tigers, you can give a reason to convince people there.
You can say, “I don’t care about the Hansin Tigers. “I’m not interested in the Hanshin Tigers, but I am interested in Red Pine. If he sells, I sell. It’s like I’m a part of it!
When you talk passionately about “I’m not interested in the Hanshin Tigers,” people don’t think he’s a guy who doesn’t know anything about baseball.

Unfortunately, in the TV world, they don’t let each person talk for an hour. If you talk like that, you’ll get blasted. Thirty seconds at the most. If you talk longer than that, you’ll lose it. People can’t concentrate for more than 30 seconds.
For example, with music, you only have to know one thing!
When I was young, I had a regent and was a bit of a punk, so people thought I knew a lot about music, like rock and roll and carols.
And when people ask me, “Who do you like in terms of music? I was told, “Kaguyahime. Minami Ko-setsu. Folk song genre. They would laugh at me. Why is a juvenile delinquent talking so much about folk songs? I talk about it passionately.

Then, when I start talking about foreign music, they have no interest in it at all.
He says, “You just don’t listen, do you? Listen! You might think it’s good. And I’m like.
“No, I don’t. Japanese people listen to poetry and think it’s cool. “No, Japanese are a people who have lived their lives by listening to poetry and saying, ‘That’s cool! Japanese people have lived their lives by listening to poetry and saying, “That’s cool! Foreign people think in rhythmic terms. They are a people who are uplifted by rhythmic thinking, so their culture is different from ours. We Japanese people don’t understand that when we listen to it. You people who think foreign music is good are the ones who are fake!
You justify yourselves by attacking them. There is one logic there, isn’t there? But the truth is, you just don’t know. The truth is.

People are strange. I can use a computer, but I can’t record TV.
But people don’t think that someone who can use a computer can’t record TV.
So, if you want to look smart, you have to learn one thing at a time, one field at a time.
The other day, I went out to eat with Katoucha and he said, “Shinsuke-kun, when did you learn how to do that?
He said, “Shinsuke-kun, when do you study like that?” And he said.
He said, “No, senior. I haven’t studied at all. And he said.
“No, you know everything, don’t you?” I know everything.
“No, I’m only talking about what I know.”

This is a terrible thing to say.
You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?
I’m being serious. I’m only talking about what I know.

But if you know so much in one area, you know everything.

Talent should increase their knowledge in this field.
I try to memorize these things with my heart, not my brain.
So, as I said before, if you ask me who is my favorite hanshin, I will say the red pine tree. You know, if someone asked you, “Who do you like in Hanshin?
You really have to like akamatsu.
You will feel it in your heart when you go to the stadium a few times and get to know it one step deeper than everyone else.

We don’t have to be smart. We don’t have to be smart, we just have to be seen as smart.

To say we’ll do it.

I don’t think I have any talent, okay? So I don’t think I should be doing this job for 10 or 20 years.
But you don’t know if you have it or not until you do it. You have to do it.
But if I don’t do it right, like I said today, I can’t quit. If I say why I can’t quit, it’s because I’m not doing it right. I’m not doing it right.

I used to be on a motorcycle team, and it’s hard for a rider to quit. They can’t get their best time.
So I would say, “Quit.
“Quit already.” I said, “Quit.
And he would say, “Sir, I’ll quit if I can do one more ride that I’m satisfied with.
Are you an idiot? I quit because I can’t run a race I’m satisfied with.

If you can do it again, you don’t have to quit.
That’s why 99% of the people who are not satisfied with their results have to finish their careers. You go into a comedy school and say you’re going to be a comic, and you don’t know if you’re going to sell or not. It almost never sells.

But, you know, 10 or 20 years later, you have a child and you say, “You know, I used to be a comic in a comedy training school. I was doing it perfectly. But I didn’t have any talent. I was perfect at it, but I didn’t have any talent.
So, you know.

I want you to know that the first 5 hard work you did.

Talent is given by God, so you don’t know.
But if you learn the 5 efforts to work hard.
Even if you don’t succeed in this world, you will succeed the next time.
You just have to put in another 5 efforts. I have been saying this since I was young.
One of my juniors is a guy named Noro from Kihei Tai (a not-so-famous Japanese comic duo). He always puts in 5 efforts, but his talent as a comic is only 1.5. So I said to him, “Quit manzai, me and my friend will pay for you to go to Tokyo. My friend and I will pay for you to open an okonomiyaki restaurant in Tokyo.
Noro can’t cook, but he can work hard at 5.

It’s been a year and a half since he opened his okonomiyaki restaurant, but now he can’t get in. He said he can’t get in because they are all booked up.
I went there 4 months ago and got mad too, saying, “Why won’t they let me in when I paid for it!” I said.
A restaurant like that was built. They’re doing a great job. He was right. He is now the president of an okonomiyaki restaurant.

We didn’t receive a single yen from our investment. Our goal was not money. If I wanted money, I would have gone to the entertainment sooner. But it wasn’t about the money.
I was sure I could do Noro. I couldn’t do comedy, but I succeeded. But it worked. He got rich as a result, so it’s good, right?

There was another apprentice named Kiyoura, but he didn’t have the talent for laughter.
But he was also a guy who could make an effort. He had to be happy.
So I said, “I’m going to open a cafe on Ishigaki Island, you run it! I told him.

Then he said, “I’m sorry, master. I don’t like cold places.” He thought Ishigaki Island was Hokkaido. It’s hot because it’s Okinawa.
So I told him to open a café, and we went to Ishigaki and built the store. He has been running his café successfully for about two years now. Whether it was Noro or Kiyoura, I knew I wasn’t wrong.
Another reason for running the restaurant is a bit cheeky, but ever since I was young, I have always thought that I am a very capable human being.
I have been successful as a comic and a TV personality, right?
But somewhere in the back of my mind, I think to myself.
“No, it just happened. It just happened to work out?
and I’m like.
“No, I’m good at everything I do.” And there’s a part of me that says, “No, I can do anything I want.
So if I’m in it for the money, if the sushi restaurant is successful, I’m going to open more sushi restaurants, right? I have the know-how. It’s easier that way.
But there’s still that, “Isn’t it just a coincidence?” He said, “It’s just a coincidence. So the next step is a bar. I’ll spend a lot of money on the interior, do some live performances, and create my own mood without a cocktail menu.
I’m going to be a star someday. The bartender made me a cocktail that would make me a star someday. I thought, “This will work, right? And when I succeed, I think, “Okay! I think, “That’s going to be a star cocktail someday.

I guess it was just a coincidence. So, I’m trying to find the answer within myself. At first, when Ryusuke and I were going to do manzai, we made a textbook. We came up with a lot of new ideas. That’s how we sold. It’s exactly the same with the store.
Selling things and selling yourself are exactly the same know-how. But Shimada Shinsuke can’t make his debut anymore. I could do it with a different face and a different name, but that’s impossible.
That’s why I have to prove it by opening a store.

The End

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