[Adsense 2022] Adsense review passed with 9 articles!

Adsense ライフハック

Hello! I am Hinomasahi.I’m a new member of the community .
I just got a letter of acceptance from Google Adsense the other day on my second application!

I took the advice of many people as a hint and passed.

I’m afraid to say that this is a little bit of useful information for you guys, but I would like to share my experience with you.

Adsense is…

Do I have to write dozens of articles?
I see a lot of blogs writing about Adsense.
I see that some people have written 100 articles and not passed the test.
Some people have been accepted with only one article.
(I don’t know if this is true or not, but…)
(I don’t know if this is true or not…) I guess it depends on the mood of Google’s AI, which is updated daily.
By the way, I was able to pass the review with 9 articles.
Actually, I think it is not a matter of the number of articles.
By the way, I had 10 articles in the first screening.
On the contrary, I think it is easier to take countermeasures (such as making articles private) if the number of articles is smaller.

If I fail once, is it better to wait for a week or two?

I have often seen information that says it is better to wait a little longer after one rejection before applying.
However, that is not always the case.
I applied for the first time, on April 30, and was denied on May 12.
About 2 weeks… that was a long time…
But the next day, May 13, I applied again.
I was notified that my application was approved on May 15, the day after that!
So, I don’t think it is necessary to wait a week or two just because I failed once.
However, if you don’t think carefully about what went wrong and take measures, you will fail whether you wait one week or the next day.
In my case, I had an idea.
After I took the necessary measures, I was notified that my application had been approved within one day.
I was notified that my application had been approved.
So, I don’t think it is necessary to wait a long time after the rejection.

Can’t I be an affiliate?


I have seen some articles that say that having an affiliate site will affect the Adsense review (not a good thing).
I have been posting ads for used computers and rental servers since the very first article.
I put ads for used computers and rental servers on my first post.
After that, I put a lot of ads for ASP deals on my blog.
More than half of my 9 posts had affiliate ads.
So, I don’t think it’s because I put affiliate ads on my blog that I can’t pass the Adsense screening! I don’t think that is the case.

Is it harder to pass if it’s a blog about miscellaneous things?

If you are reading this blog right now, you will know that my blog is classified as a blog of miscellaneous information.
I am proud of the fact that I write about coronavirus, my part-time job when I was a student, my weird friends, and other life hacks in a rambling manner.
It is said that a “specialized blog” is better for SEO, but I don’t know what I should specialize in right now.
So, I would like to try drawing various kinds of miscellaneous blogs and see what kind of genre will grow.
So I think it would be good to write articles as a miscellaneous blog in the beginning.
What should I pay attention to?

Please pay attention to what is NG on Google. (I think you can find a lot of things by searching…)




I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
It stands for “Your Money, Your Life.”
It stands for “Your Money, Your Life”.
It seems that matters that affect your money and your health are not allowed on personal blogs.
It doesn’t seem to say specifically what is not allowed.
For people searching on Google
If it is not official, it is likely to be sent out of the SEO sphere.
Official website of a bank for those who want to know about money
Official sites of hospitals and doctors for those who are suffering from gastroenteritis
The site of an authoritative organization such as a hospital or doctor is appropriate.
…Indeed, when a child has a nosebleed that won’t stop at night! In such a case
I hurriedly searched for “nosebleeds won’t stop.
The top search results were
[I can’t stop nosebleeds because I got excited by pornographic images!]
and others like.
[If you find an article about how to stop nosebleeds by looking up…]
If an article about something wrong comes up…
I think, “Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding!”
I think, “Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me!
Incidentally, it is wrong to look up when you have a nosebleed.
In short, amateurs should not meddle in matters such as money and health.

Read Google’s Code of Ethics.

It seems that anything that violates YMYL, such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, weapons, and other dangerous or adult content is not allowed.
I have only one article that I deleted when I first applied.
It’s a story about how we all went camping when we were students, drank alcohol, and enjoyed barbecues.
I think this is where the problem starts.
[I think this is where the problem begins.]
I have since closed the article about the dangerous drinking habits that only students can have.
After that
After that, I deleted the article and applied for Adsense, and as I wrote above, I was able to pass the review.
In short, I think I violated Google’s ethics guidelines and rules on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and dangerous substances.
I think that the same is true for SEO, but I also think that it is important to review your articles to make sure that they do not violate something like Google’s code of ethics.

Please review your article once again.

I suggest that you review your articles and apply again.

As a side note, although I passed the screening…

Setting up automatic ads for Adsense

There is a feature called “automatic ads.
I was able to put up Adsense ads, but
I’m worried about the fact that they are all over the place.
If I were to read an article, I would feel uncomfortable because they are in the way.
I’ll try to control it a little myself.
So I’d appreciate it if you’d read my blog again!
Best regards.