My profile

My name is Hinoasahi.

I am a father of two living in the suburbs of Tokyo.

In this blog, I share my feelings, life hacks, and Japanese entertainment news based on my actual experiences in both Japanese and English.

I was engaged in market research and consulting work at a consulting company for real estate developers, and in managing and selling real estate information on major newspaper websites and major mail-order websites.

Engaged in planning advertising for developers and sales companies at an advertising agency for the real estate industry.

Resigned・・・Tired of the above hard work, resigned.

Changed jobs in a different industry…Changed jobs without knowing much about facilities for the handicapped, simply because it was a 2-minute walk from my home.

Entered the welfare industry without knowing anything about people with disabilities or cerebral palsy.

Although she changed her workplace, she is still working in the welfare field.

While working, she obtained qualifications as a care worker and social worker, despite having a small child.

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